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Physiotherapy Center

Manual Therapies by experienced physiotherapist

Improving quality of life, since 2004! We are at your side where and when you need it most, at any time in your life...

Find your physiotherapist in our clinic and treat you musculoskeletal problem, orthopedic lesion, or sports injuries;

Treat with us your joint, muscle, tendon and other problems, in our clinic at Porto district or at your home with our homecare Physiotherapy service.


 Our treatment is individualized and our model of intervention is based on the highest standards of professional practice. 

The techniques of physiotherapy and manual therapies we apply are the most recent and with evidence based pratice, allowing us to safely achieve the desired results with our intervention, reducing your pain, mobility limitation or functional disability. 

Physiotherapy Center

In our physiotherapy (physical therapy) department, with modern facilities and equipments we are ready to receive you. 

We are at Rua Oliveira Gaio, 25, 4465-219 in São Mamede de Infesta, Matosinhos, Porto, in an area well served by transports and close to São João Hospital and the IPO Hospital, as well as the Oporto University Campus.

Physiotherapy at your "home" 

We can also go where you are. Whether you are on vacation, at work, as a pilgrim, or living in Porto contact us and we will get to you. 

We take all the necessary equipment and materials but, above all, our know-how, experience and professional competences.

Our team of physiotherapists (physical therapists) have a large experience and specific knowledge and training in different areas of intervention will help you solve your problem. 

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